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Qasr Al Watan Qasr Al Watan

Qasr Al Watan’s Esteemed ‘Al Barza’ is now Open to the Public

For the first time since its opening in 2019, Qasr Al Watan’s esteemed majlis, ‘Al Barza’ is now open to visitors at the Palace of The Nation.

The Emirati Majlis, or council, is the UAE’s deep-rooted cultural tradition of hosting meetings for members of the community to deliberate and share information amongst each other. Historically, a ‘Barza’ refers to a majlis session during which important matters can be brought to the attention of a Sheikh.

A perfect complement to the immersive cultural experience that awaits visitors at Qasr Al Watan, Al Barza is the largest space in the Palace after the Great Hall and holds up to 300 guests. There, visitors can learn about the traditional role of a majlis, which are designated spaces for cultural, political and social gatherings that embody the spirit of participatory politics in the UAE.

While political decisions are made in a formal, parliamentary-style Barza, citizens can also connect with their leaders in an informal Barza. This entails a leader listening to the needs and concerns of the people in a bid to provide solutions and support, reflecting the values of generosity, hospitality and community solidarity of the people of the UAE.  

Located right behind the Great Hall, visitors can learn more about Al Barza through a guided tour, or by picking up a multimedia guide at the start of their visit.

The experience at the Palace of the Nation is truly unlike any other, for visitors of all ages to explore time and time again. Qasr Al Watan’s visitor journey is an inspiring and educational tour of Emirati and Arabian excellence and one visit is never quite enough.