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1,5 tons of used soap recycled at Two Seasons Hotel 1,5 tons of used soap recycled at Two Seasons Hotel

1,5 Tons of Used Soap Recycled at Two Seasons Hotel

Soap for Hope initiative has been launched with Two Seasons Hotel from 2015 and to date, 1,5 tons of used soap has been recycled into 200 thousand new bars and every year, about 30 thousand people in local communities in India, Philippines and Africa benefit from this programme.

In Two Seasons Hotel, using soap bars for 1010 rooms typically generates up to eight metric tons of solid soap waste per year.

With the Soap for Hope project, these unfinished soap bars will now be recycled for a good cause. The soap bars are reprocessed and donated to the international community as free health care.

“We are very proud to be a part of such an innovative programme making a concrete impact on local communities in need,” said Freddy Farid, managing director, Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments Management Company. “It is a privilege for us to support such a powerful movement with such simple gestures, Soap For Hope also reflects a philosophy we try to practice year-round: The small steps each of us takes can make a big difference. This step is part of the hotels’ long term commitment – Green Globe Programme which focuses on more sustainable hotel operation and aims to be among the leading environment friendly hotels in Dubai.”