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Brand USA Marketing Propels Tourism as Economic Driver

This year’s National Travel and Tourism Week, May 05-11, again celebrated the role of one of the most significant and vibrant industries in our country.

Tourism, after all, is among the most powerful generators of economic impact in the US. By virtue of its ubiquitous presence, the tourism industry continues to benefit the nation’s citizenry in communities large and small throughout the US. It provides an influx of revenue and prosperity, while building and fortifying the appeal of communities everywhere.

It becomes readily apparent that a thriving tourism industry is essential for advancing the overall US economy in terms of generating total tax revenue and creating jobs. The travel industry, for instance, supports 15,7 million jobs across the US, making it the seventh-largest, private-sector employer.

At Brand USA, the destination marketing organisation for the US, unwaveringly believe in the power of tourism and we are proud of the success that our marketing efforts have had in enhancing the level and impact of inbound, international tourism to the US.

Since Brand USA began operations in 2011, as the first public-private partnership to promote the US as a premier, world-class travel destination, and to communicate US travel policies and procedures to international travellers, the organisation consistently spotlighted the varied US travel opportunities and destinations in all 50 states, five territories, and the District of Columbia.