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Zinovia Zinovia

Cousteau's Documentary About Zinovia’s Sinking Released

Recently released by Science Channel (Discovery Channel) was an interesting documentary about Zinovia, a shipwreck in Larnaca.

Fabien's legends of the Deep and Céline Cousteau, grandchildren of the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau, was aired and the episode was titled ‘Zenobia Shipwreck, Mystery of the Spy Sabotage’.

The two famous marine explorers came to Larnaca specifically to investigate whether the rumours surrounding this shipwreck are relevant to its planned sinking from the Israeli and English secret services, as it was known in Zinovia military equipment with a possible recipient of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

This is what the documentary in question was about.

In the video, the two siblings dive into Zinovia looking for evidence to prove such a possibility, in connection with research into documents as well as the report on the causes of the sinking, as well as statements of people who give some light to the investigations.

The factors that support this theory include, among other things, the fact that Zinovia was a brand new and state-of-the-art Swedish ship of the latest technology and the fact that the ship started its journey from Yugoslavia to Syria, presenting evidence that members of the PLO were being trained in Yugoslavia at that time.

They also refer to the political upheavals in the Middle East during the 1980’s and the role of Cyprus at that time.

The Cousteau brothers express in the documentary the great impression that caused them the enormous size of Zenobia and the hundreds of trucks attached to it along with their merchandise. Fabien was convinced that some wanted to sink Zinovia while Céline states that the mystery surrounding Zinovia is still alive.

Regarding whether a scenario of planned sinking of this ship from secret services is likely, Andreas Panagiotou, owner, Zenovia, AAK Larnaca-Napa Sea Cruises, said that on the basis of various indications, this may be the case.

The Larnaka Tourism Board believes that the theory presented in the documentary needs to be investigated. Zinovia is a great attraction for Larnaca, as it is well known among the five best scuba diving spots in the world, attracting around 100,000 divers per year, and is the most important reef of our country.