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Hermes Airports  Hermes Airports

Hermes Airports Installed the Tagomat and Bagomat Kiosks

Hermes Airports recognising the importance of the advanced technological applications and innovations has proceeded with the installation of the Tagomat and Bagomat kiosks at Larnaca and Paphos airports.

The operator of the airports further upgrades the passenger experience with this new equipment which is completely in line with the current travel standards and simplifies the self-tagging and baggage drop off process.

Passengers travelling from Larnaca and Paphos airports have the option to print their luggage tags on their own by using one of the Tagomat kiosks or one of the new self check in kiosks in less than 10 seconds. Passengers can then proceed to the self tagging baggage drop off counter to drop off their luggage and continue their journey.

Maria Kouroupi, senior manager aviation development and communication, Hermes Airports, stated, “At Hermes Airports we aspire and achieve to provide advanced technology services to our passengers. Despite the pandemic and its consequences, we will continue to work for the enhancement and constant upgrade of the services we provide, in order for our passengers to enjoy the best travel experience with safety.”